Accredited by I.C.H.M
Certified & Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Certified & Accredited Reflexologist


Gail is a Cyprus based Counsellor/ Reflexologist and is an associate member of the S.N.H.S.(Dip) which is accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine

Accredited by I.C.H.M. She has been entered into the register as an associate member of The School of Natural Health Science since 2008.

Her passion for the wellbeing of others is what drives her to work to a very high standard of care, compassion, and understanding. Her belief is that while emotional pain can be debilitating it can also be a catalyst for growth.

Gail has worked with numerous people all with very different stories of pain and traumas that were inhibiting them from living the life they truly deserved. Her work comes from an innate passion of healing and will offer her upmost to help anyone to move on to not only a better understanding of life but a better understanding of themselves.

To book an appointment at Counselling the Soul or if you require more information. Please contact Gail via phone or email.

Contact Information:

Gail Antoniou
tel : 97828405
email : gdsmachin@gmail.com


Pervolia, Larnaca,